Meet The Management Team Behind Fitness Hq

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At Fitness HQ we strive to get to know you by name and not a number! We are all about delivering the very best customer service so you feel part of the Fitness HQ community and GET the RESULTS you set out to achieve when you join. We don’t shy away from feedback so please let us know how we can improve your club experience should you have any concerns you are free to approach us anytime or contact us by email and we will replay back to at the earliest convenience.






Born and raised in the UAE, Mansor has pursued his interests in health, fitness and strength conditioning from an early age, developing an in-depth knowledge in the field which allows him to cater to clients of all ability and sizes. He is an IFPA UAE REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer and coach.

The importance of nutrition is something that Mansor takes very seriously, creating nutrition plans and advising his clients on diet, his key areas of expertise are strength conditioning, weight loss and he also focuses on preparing a roster of athletes for Bodybuilding competitions.

Highly approachable, bi-lingual, Mansor handles clients from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, actively seeking to make a positive impact to their health and happiness.

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Hassan has been involved with Fitness HQ since the very first brick was laid in the ground! He has lived in Dubai for over 17 years and has a wealth of experience in the service industry, he is involved in every aspect of the clubs day to day operation and is always available to help and assist any member should you ever have any problems or concerns. In his spare time Hassan enjoys his own training and can be regularly seen attending the group exercise classes or doing the occasional “WOD” at Crossfit Dropzone (

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Ana has a dynamic 15 years of sales career experience and record breaking performances, worked in a Five Star Hotel in Makati, Philippines and Doha, Qatar. She began working in sales industry as a Sales Manager in Real Estate, Account Manager in Relocation Company and Branch Manager for Great Image Photography in Manila Philippines.

6 years later she moved in to United Arab of Emirates and become a successful Lifestyle Specialist in Gold’s Gym International.

Ana has been hooked up in target shooting same with car drifting, she also loves cuddling her knight and shining armor “Tiger” (her cat).


Our highly trained Personal Trainers specialize in different areas, whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your endurance, stamina or are training for competition, our team is ready to help. Part of getting started at Fitness HQ involves a one hour consultation and goal setting process where we give you the best advice on where you should begin your fitness journey. Then we follow up with a one hour “World Class” coaching session to give you a “taste” of what personal training can do to transform your physique in record time.






Luke hails from the idyllic south of England in East Sussex, gaining a BSc in International Business from the prestigious Loughborough University. Well known in the sports world, Loughborough helped Luke develop an intense interest in Sport and Fitness, he competed in Strongman and Powerlifting Competitions, he was the 4th Strongest in the under-23 category of the UK.

Certified in KBT Strength and Conditioning Level I, he also is qualified in EMS Functional Movement, providing him with an in-depth knowledge in developing his client’s movement and flexibility, helping them to improve posture and range of motion. Strength conditioning, Athletic Conditioning, Strongman Training and Nutrition for Weight Management are all areas of expertise for Luke.



  •    Olympic Lifting
  •    Crossfit Coach
  •    Strength Training and Conditioning
  •    Body Transformations and Fat Loss

You can follow Luke on Instagram @LSkippon22

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Bojan hails from Belgrade in Serbia, graduating from the Belgrade University of Sport and Physical Education, where he was a professional sprinter in the Serbian National Team. After this he went on to become an Athletic Coach specializing in Sprinting and Hurdles, as well as a Ski Instructor in the winter months and also was a member in the Serbian National In-line roller skating and Ice short-track speed-skate teams.

Moving to Dubai in 2012, Bojan worked at a prestigious chain of fitness clubs where he worked as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. A Les Mills accredited group fitness instructor, he is a National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills BodyAttack and Les Mills Grit. He is also certified as a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer.



  •    Weight loss / Muscle toning
  •    Functional Training
  •    Strength Training and Conditioning
  •    Small Group Training

You can follow Bojan on Instagram @magez7

Call Bojan today 050 9849093